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Been an owner at the Millside Green property for 10 years. Also served on the condo board for 4 years. They have been very easy to deal with and able to answer any questions I’ve had over the years right away. Contact has been simple and timely. Very happy with the service I’ve received.

Andrew F.

Condo Owner

I have worked for this management company as a contractor and also live in a complex they manage. I have always had a good experience with them and appreciate the hard work they do for us. I highly recommend them as a property management company as this is definitely one of the top companies I/we have dealt with.

Tom S.


As a legal professional I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. Big thanks to Susan for her continued assistance ! Thank you!

Elie N.

Legal Professional

I found Marc Bateman to be helpful, responsive and on-the-ball. So refreshing, because as a realtor I have become jaded and distrustful of property managers as they rarely respond quickly, or sometimes never respond at all. Marc pleasantly surprised me and my client with answering questions and in getting the condo board to contact my client. Thanks Marc!

Janet M.


What You Can Expect From Us

Dependable Day-to-day Administration

We provide timely, dependable, and comprehensive administration, document management, and notification services.

Financial Management & Reporting

Every month, we provide boards with visibility on their financial health through an accounting reporting package.

Prudent Long-Term Planning

Prudent, factual planning is essential in managing a condo that brings peace of mind to its board, owners, and tenants.

Disciplined Contributions Management

We recognize that owners count on us to steward their contrubutions wisely for maintenance, management, and repairs.

Trusted Policy & Bylaw Guidance

We possess deep experience and up-to-date industry knowledge on best-practices for sound management.

Proper Insurance

As a large buyer of insurance products we shop annually to get discounts and the best premiums for our clients.

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