GO SMART Condo and Property Managers

Condo Management Services

Enabling Effective Communities.

We admire the work and dedication of volunteer board members given to support their communities and the buildings in which they live. Our aim is to come alongside you and your board, bringing seasoned managers, deep experience, guidance on industry best-practices, dedicated research, and continually updated knowledge to enable you to be the most effective board you can be.

What You Can Expect From Us

Dependable Day-to-day Administration

We provide timely, dependable and comprehensive administration, document management, and notification services. We prepare and distribute AGM notices, attend and take minutes for the AGM and prepare financial statements. Our property managers attend board of director meetings, taking minutes and distributing them to directors. Under the direction of the board, we prepare notices to owners and residents, respond to emails and telephone messages, and liaise between owners and the board for all queries, complaints, and concerns.

Financial Management & Reporting

Every month, we provide boards with visibility on their financial health through a package including a balance sheet, an income statement, budget comparisons (MTD and YTD), and the arrears list.  We keep and maintain all financial records for the Corporation and handle collection of condo contributions (pre-authorized payments are made available). Our team of accountants set up individual operating and reserve fund trust accounts in accordance with the Condo Property Act of Alberta and each account earns interest on the daily balance of the accounts. 

Prudent Long-Term Planning

Prudent, factual planning is essential in managing a condo in a way that brings peace of mind to its board, owners, and tenants.  We work with independent, qualified professionals who conduct audits of building deficiencies and reserve fund studies to allow our team to effectively prepare budgets for board approval and handle reserves wisely to ensure a well-managed property.

Disciplined Contributions Management

We recognize that owners count on us to steward their contributions wisely. We endeavor to use only industry-specific experts, experienced contractors and suppliers with proven reputations, proper insurance and credentials to perform services.  This ensures that tenders are competitive and that the work is done professionally and in a timely manner.  We obtain quotes for regular and routine maintenance of the common property, janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, elevator servicing, mechanical systems upkeep as well as for the larger capital repairs and reserve fund expenses.

Trusted Policy & Bylaw Guidance

Our team is dedicated to increase your board’s effectiveness and efficiency. We possess deep experience and up-to-date industry knowledge on the best-practices related to policies and bylaws geared toward providing peace of mind and sound property management. We partner with your board in developing and implementing successful practices.

Proper Insurance

We are a large purchaser of insurance policies and other products and have dedicated staff who shop annually to get substantial discounts on premiums for our clients. We work with your board to ensure proper insurance in accordance with your bylaws and the Condo Property Act of Alberta and maintain copies of current insurance policies, providing certificates to appropriate parties when required.

State-of-the-art Software and Systems

We believe in using the proper tools to manage operations properly.  Our office is up-to-date with state-of-the-art accounting software and enhanced management systems to effectively and efficiently serve you and your board.  Our accounting department is manned by professional accountants and the administrative staff are specialized in business administration and management.

What We Offer

Our full-service management and financial accounting services include:

Building Maintenance and Management

  • Provide factual information allowing boards to make informed decisions
  • Schedule trades for regular and routine maintenance
  • Supply quotes for work to board to select trades/contractors of their choice
  • Invest funds on behalf of condo corporations as directed by the board
  • Manage rental parking stalls owned by condo corporations


  • Attend board meetings, site meetings and all meetings associated with the condo
  • Prepare all board documentation required by the Condominium Property Act and bylaws
  • Set-up and pay utilities, waste management, and other services
  • Pay condo corporation invoices
  • Collect unit owner and tenant contact information

Communication and Documentation

  • Prepare Estoppels and condo documents for real estate transactions
  • Provide notices to owners and residents as directed by the board
  • Liaise between owners and board for all queries, complaints, and concerns
  • Respond to emails and telephone messages
  • Prepare bylaw infraction communication
  • Prepare and disseminate communication to unit owners as requested by the board

Special Requests

  • Handle pet requests
  • Process visitor parking requests

Receivables and Collections

  • Collect monthly condo contributions and special assessments
  • Collect arrears
  • Prepare monetary sanctions for bylaw breaches as directed by the board


  • Ensure condo corporation has appropriate insurance
  • Work with insurance company and unit owners for insurance losses