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Document Requests

Instant, Online Access.

Every day, owners and boards benefit from GO SMART’s best-in-industry document management services providing owners with instant digital delivery and boards with secure archiving of documents related to their condominium corporation.

How Do I Begin?

  1. To acquire documents, visit CondoPapers.com and become a registered user. 
  2. After registration, login to view the documents available for your condominium.
  3. Select the documents you want and add them to your cart.

Register for Instant Access

If you are not a registered user, please feel free to register here at any time. It’s easy and within minutes you can have access to the condominium documents you require.

Post Order Documents

There are typically four documents which are processed in real-time:

  • Estoppel Certificates
  • Current Financial Statements
  • Disclosure Statements and
  • Owner Occupancy Statements.

The four documents may be ordered on RUSH basis which means they should be processed and released within 3 business days (e.g. If you order a document on a Tuesday at 9am it should be released to you before end of business Friday).

The four documents may also be ordered on REGULAR basis which means they should be processed and released within 10 days.

We do strive to process all documents as quickly as possible but occasionally volume does dictate the processing speed.

Why CondoPapers.com?

Outsourcing our documents delivery allows owners, boards, and interested parties to have instant document delivery where and when they want it. CondoPapers.com offers:
  • PDF document format for easy forwarding
  • Convenient, on-demand payment options
  • Secure archival of documents for condo corporations